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English for Professional Development

English for Professional Development

Courses for Professional Development

The Professional Development Course is designed to develop your skills for your professional career. We train you to communicate effectively in the workplace in different situations and across a range of topics.

We enable you to become more effective at leading teams and performing different work tasks in English. We adjust the classes each week to suit your individual needs and aspirations. Classes are fast paced and varied, achieving impressive results by making use of authentic materials such as the Financial Times, The Economist or the students' own company materials. Classes include role plays and discussions, and replicate real life situations. The course develops your ability to master essential tasks and skills within different areas of expertise, for example, marketing, project management and strategic planning.

Choose either the 'Octorial' Course (27.5 hours per week) or the 'Essential' course (18 hours per week)


Intensive Octorial Course for Professional Development

27.5 hours per week
08.45 – 16.20
Develop your skills for a professional career. Communicate effectively in the workplace in a variety of situations and across a range of topics

Essential Course for Professional Development

18 hours per week   
08.45 - 13.00 or 11.30 - 16.20 
Develop your skills for the workplace and practise your English in a range of situations but leaving time to enjoy the cultural and social attractions of London